Today, on May 19th 2017, we would like to share some important news. Due to personal orientation changes and real job demands we can not push FSXP development any longer and will transfer FSXPilot Pro (and FSXPilot in toto) to freeware on October 1st 2017. This means for all existing users Pro and shareware users that not much will change. However, if you want to purchase FSXPilot during the next months please be aware that you will be able to download the full FSXPilot Pro version for free at Oktober 1st 2017.

In detail, FSXPilot shareware and PRO compares like this:  


Program feature  FSXPilot shareware   FSXPilot PRO 
Basic autopilot functions yes yes
Automatic take-off (fixed wing and helicopter)  yes yes
ILS autolandings yes yes
GPS autolandings on any airport included in FSX yes yes
Touch and go  yes yes
High precision helicopter hover and landings yes yes
Stall and overspeed recovery yes yes
Basic glider operation (SPD / HDG / NAV button, circling)  yes yes
Circle in thermals n/a yes
Circle around GPS targets n/a yes
Slope soaring with GPS targets n/a yes
Drop waypoints, commute, flightseeing n/a yes
Automatically update HDG, IAS, V/S and ALT (AP panel)
in the cockpit of the aircraft 
n/a yes
Set COM1, NAV1, ADF and XPNDR frequencies
directly from the AP panel
n/a yes
Manage aircraft database within FSXPilot (exclusive dialog box)  n/a yes
FSXPilot view system n/a yes
Fly to GPS coordinates - the easy way (exclusive dialog box)  n/a  yes
Aircraft library: Define default climb rates below and above 15000 ft n/a yes
Aircraft library: Define service ceiling n/a yes
Aircraft library: Define maxbank / maxpitch values
individually for each ac
n/a yes
Aircraft library: Define final flaps position ->
auto landing for each ac
n/a yes
PDF documentation (download section)  yes yes
CHM documention (exclusive windows help file)  n/a yes
Take screenshot from windows taskbar n/a yes
Take screenshot hotkey  n/a yes
CTRL key + HDG button -> set current heading n/a yes
SHIFT key + HDG button -> set current heading + 180 n/a yes
Hide / Show hotbuttons for AP and EFIS panel n/a yes
Program skins n/a yes
Priority e-mail support n/a yes
Be in the front seat for new updates n/a yes


There is more to come. 

Stay tuned !

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