We recently received a 1 star rating (BAM !) for our app and got in touch with the guy that rated us. Actually, we just wrote a comment and he wrote back. 
So this is our replay email. Hope that he will be able to fix his problem there. We thought our reply might be interesting for the community. 

In our email we wrote: 


I just checked the app again on my phone (actually I reinstalled it on my new Sony Z3 with Android 5.1.1) and it worked like a charm. 
So here is the way to go. It is a bit complicated. Please stay patient through the journey. 
Once you get the hang out of it and you set the parameters right it should work again with much less effort. 
Why is it complicated ? Because the whole bunch of hard-and software it is a multidimensional system with many sources of error.

We have

  • FSX
  • FSXPilot (desktop version) which communicates to FSX over Simconnect
  • FSXPilot App (android phone) which communicates with FSXPilot desktop version via WLAN or LAN. 

The desktop computer may have a firewall which may block external communication over a port.

Please do the following steps, one by one. 

Installing FSXPilot on your FSX Host PC

Please install (if you do not have already) the Visual Studio Redistributables 2015  from here: 

Please go download and install FSXPilot (desktop version) Version 2.32 from

Please unzip the download and install FSXPilot. 

Start FSX

  • Please start FSX.
  • Please switch FSX to windowed mode.Please untick "pause on task switch" in General options. 
  • Please go "free flight".  
  • Load a Learjet 45 on a runway at EDDM. 

Starting FSXPilot on the FSX Host PC

  • Now please make the FSX window smaller. 
  • Please start FSXPilot on the desktop in admin mode. 
  • Arrange the two panels on your screen.
  • You should now have three windows open: FSX, FSXPilot AP Panel, FSXPilot EFIS panel.
  • Press the AP main button. 
  • You should see NAV targets on the screen. 
In your AP panel (command input field) you should read something like:
>Connected to FSX.
>FSXP Server IP: Port: 27015
The IP is my IP here in my WLAN. On your system it should be a different one. Port number should be the same. 
If that is all displayed, excellent. Please write down the IP address and the port number. Most of the errors happen here.  
Then, in FSXPilot running on your Host PC,  select 'run takeoff' from the quickselect menu (press menu button on EFIS). 
After that, let FSXPilot fly the plane away. In the meantime, you can prepare your FSXPilot app on your phone or tablet for the first run. 

Starting FSXPilot App

Please start the APP on your phone or tablet.
  • The app has a menu. Please go to -> Options. 
  • On the option screen, please click -> Set Server IP Address
  • Enter the IP address that you have written down. Do not make a mistake here. 
  • Press ok. 
  • Then please click -> Set Server port number ...
  • Enter the port number that you have written down. 
  • Press ok. 
Now go back to the app's main screen. 
Press "Server connect".
The home screen should become populated with data from FSX and the Learjet. 
Go "Map" in the app's menu. 
You should see a Google map and the aircraft symbol moving.
Go to your living room, have a beer, and check the position of the aircraft while you talk to your wife or girl friend. 
Well, if you are here and have seen the map and the aircraft symbol moving, excellent. Everything seems to work like it has always worked here.  

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