Autopilot buttons

The image below shows all available buttons on the autopilot main panel. 

AP main

switches the autopilot on or off. If on, there should be NAV targets on the EFISW screen. 


press this button to fly towards a NAV target after having selected it 


press this button to accelerate the aircraft to the speed entered in the speed input field. Will unpress MCH button. 


press this button to switch to MACH mode. Will accelerate the plane to the MACH speed entered in the speed input field. Will unpress SPD button


press this button to turn into the heading (degrees) entered in the heading input field.If NAV button is pressed, it will be unpressed.  


altitude control main button


level at indicated altitude 


use indicated climb / sink rate


hold indicated altitude


follow ILS glide slope if ILS runway is selected


press to gain complete manual aircraft control with joystick or mouse yoke


if pressed, FSXPilot will perform over speed and stall recovery


Arm automatic reverse thrust and spoiler during manual landing


fixed wings: perform altitude profile flight; helicopters: if pressed with LND button (see below), lands at current GPS target


take screen shot of FSX window (if pressed with CTRL key: takes desktop screen shot) 


inverted flight button (only works when pressed with the CTRL key for safety) 


sets indicated NAV1 frequency in the cockpit


sets indicated COM1 frequency in the cockpit


sets indicated ADF frequency in the cockpit


set indicated transponder code in the cockpit

Autopilot text input and output fields

Generally, there are four ways to modify values in the text input fields:

  • Click into the input field and turn the mouse wheel up or down -> normal increment / decrement
  • Click into the input field, press the STRG key and turn the mouse wheel up or down -> high increment / decrement
  • Press the up / down arrows right side of the input field
  • Click into the input field, enter number with the keyboard, press return key

The command input text box is special.

Here, you would enter single flight plan commands (f.e. a select or a farselect command) and get information about the current states of your autopilot. 

Speech may be echoed here as well. 

To enter commands, click behind the last '>' of the display and start typing. After the command, press return. 

Helicopter autopilot buttons

In helicopter mode, there are additional buttons available: 

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