Defining external "special views" can be great fun when you watch automated takeoffs or landings. 

Unfortunately, this task is a bit more complicated than defining virtual cockpit views, but you will manage. 

If you want to add this camera definition to all aircrafts in one go, please add it to the end of your cameras.cfg file. 

This file can be found in the user program directory of FSX or FSX Steam. 

In our FSX Steam installation the path to cameras.cfg is: 


Open the file with a text editor.

Add the following text section at the end of the file: 


Title = FSXPilot external

Guid = {47d010b7-01b6-4932-83d9-c19c1219e826}

Description = FSXPilot external view template

Origin = Center

SnapPbhAdjust = Swivel

SnapPbhReturn = FALSE

PanPbhAdjust = Swivel

PanPbhReturn = FALSE

Track = None

ShowAxis = FALSE

AllowZoom = TRUE

InitialZoom = 0.5

ShowWeather = Yes

InitialXyz = 1.5, 0.1, -4.2

InitialPbh = 0, 0, 359

XyzAdjust = TRUE




This will add a new camera definition with the title "FSXPilot external"  to all FSX airplanes !

Due to limitations of SImconnect we have to do a little modification of each "aircraft.cfg" file that you want to define external views on. 

The "aircraft.cfg" files are located within the aircraft subdirectory within the "Simobjects" subdirectory of the FSX (not FSXPilot !) home directory. 

This will add a new camera definition with the title "FSXPilot external"  to that specific airplane.


  • start FSX
  • load the aircraft
  • start FSXPilot
  • in FSX (not FSXPilot !) , please open the menu "Views"->"Mode"->"Aircraft" and select the view "FSXPilot external"

From here, simply define all your FSXPilot views as you did it in the virtual cockpit by moving around the camera with the view hotkeys.

If you like the view, "Add view ..." in the quickselect menu 

Whenever you switch back to "FSXPilot external" later, all these views will be available !


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