The flight status section of the EFIS summarizes weather, aircraft and flight parameters.

Page 1 displays 

  • computer real time, simulation time in local and UTC format
  • airborne time (this session)
  • miles flown (this session) 
  • fuel data
  • fuel use date
  • fuel zero estimation (total minutes as well as hours) 

Click on the lower portion of the EFIS to get to the next page. 

Page 2 displays

  • weather information (temperature, barometric pressure, ambient wind and surface wind (at the current GPS position of the aircraft)
  • aircraft speeds
  • electronics data
  • if selected: locked target
  • distance and heading to target
  • estimate time en route (ETE) and estimated time of arrival (ETA) at target

Click the lower part of the EFIS to reach the next page. 

Click the upper part of the EFIS to reach the previous page

Page 3 just displays the current GPS location of the aircraft. 

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