Since October 2019 FSXPilot supports advanced approach procedures. Good examples are RNAV or VORDME procedures.  

The freeware version of FSXPilot includes the outdated AIRAC Version 1904 (courtesy of of Navigraph). 

All advanced approach information is in the file iap.txt. Do not modify the file. 

If you are a subscriber of Navigraph, this file will always and automatically be updated. 


Short instruction to fly an RNAV approach in EDDL:

  • Takeoff in EDDF 
  • Type "select eddl" into the command line box and press return
  • Find a new menu entry in the quickselect menu "Fly final approach to EDDL"
  • Select this new entry and find the 05L RNAV entry
  • shortly above this line, select the DOMUX (->DOM05) approach
  • Wait and automatically fly the DOMUX approach along the blue line on the EFIS
  • adjust altitudes as necesseary, but stick to the charts (Navigraph) 
  • At the last waypoint of the DOMUX (DOM05) approach (or earlier if told by ATC), call up the quickselect menu again and select the "Fly final approach from xxx" entry
  • xxx is the next (or the last) waypoint of the DOMUX approach 
  • Select the correct runway
  • then fly the final approach, sink rate is automatically adjusted
  • When you see the runway at the outer marker, press STRG O to switch the autopilot off
  • Manual landing (or tuning ILS), gear operation, flap setting is always required in this type of landing and as soon as you see the runway. 

This is a new function, expect bugs to happen, pls file bug reports or new ideas to

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