On ground in a fixed wing aircraft, the following menu items are available: 


branches into a list with all speech output commands ("what can Anna say")  

View mode

switches between the EFIS view modes


switches between the EFIS ranges

Add view

Add FSXPilot view. Only available in the PRO version and in virtual cockpit and FSXPilot external view. See View section of this manual. 

Save position as user GPS target

does what it is named for

Near user GPS targets

branches into a list of all GPS targets available within 50 nautical miles

All airport bookmarks

branches into a list of all of your bookmarked favorite airports

Start pushback

toggles push back on. From here, you will see "Stop pushback" displayed. 

Stop engine

stops engine. Please wait a minute or so for the complete stop. After that, you will see "Start engine" here.

Taxi to runway ...

branches into a sub menu with all near runways available. Will do a basic taxi procedure without using taxiways. Switch crash detection off, please.   

Run takeoff

will initiate the takeoff routine using the nearest runway for heading data. 

Run straight takeoff

will initiate the takeoff routine using the current aircraft heading  

Remember airport as home

stores the nearest airport as home airport. Once airborne, you will have a menu entry to fly back home.

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