Since version 1.50+  you were able to communicate to FSXPilot via Windows speech recognition. Windows speech recognition is a strong feature implemented in Windows 7 , Vista and Windows 8. It is remarkably reliable out of the box, and, if you invest some reading training, it will even get better.

We have implemented a large voice command set into the latest program version recently. All commands are sent predifined to the Windows voice engine during program startup, thus supporting a reliable recognition during your flight. Of course, it is always advisable to use a good headset and microphone and keep the noise level in the area of your computer low. During our tests, we have successfully undertaken long distance flights with voice commands only :-) Great fun. 

To switch Windows voice recognition on, go to the windows system panel and open the "speech recognition" applet. "Start speech recognition", "set up your microphone" and perform one or two of the basic tutorials. Please make sure that you always use the "US English" version of speech recognition, otherwise FSXPilot speech recognition will not work.   FSXPilot uses the .NET environment, if you use an old computer you may need to install the Microsoft .NET framework 4.

The list below contains all voice commands that can currently be issued within FSXPilot. Always assume: You are the captain, and you will say commands to your copilot Anna, who will then use FSXPilot to do the job.  

If in the list you find "+ argument" please say the voice command first, make a short break, then say an argument. 

For example, to make the aircraft turn into the heading of 120 degrees say: 

"fly heading" <short break> "one" <short break> "two" <short break> "zero

In order to select an airport far away from the current location, let's say Frankfurt (EDDF), say: 

"far select" <short break> "Echo" <short break> "Delta" <short break> "Delta" <short break> "Foxtrot

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