In general, you can get new AIRAC files of excellent quality, frequently updated, through 

Please make sure that you purchase the FSXPilot version of the latest AIRAC. 

You can purchase the files individually or as a subscription (highly recommended). 

Copying around files is no longer required. 

The Navigraph installer will recognize the FSXPilot installation and install the necessary files. 

Extract airport and runways data from your current FSX or P3D installation 

Why would you want to do this ? 

Normally never. FSXPilot comes with airport and runway data which have been extracted from a recent FSX STeam installation and, therefore, are up to date. 

However, in case you install a lot of 3rd party scenery you may want to draw your own data out of your current simulator from time to time. 


Recently we have discovered a really nice little utility which can be used to extract all the airport and runway data from any FSX or P3D installation.


The freeware program is MakeRunways 4.675 by Pete Dowson.


With FSXPilot >= 1.50 and the help of MakeRunways you can now follow these steps to generate your own apt.txt and rwy.txt data files in the AIRAC directory. 

Benefit: After this procedure you will really have all installed airports (even all of the small ones) with correct runway locations, runway headings and ILS frequencies in FSXPilot. 


There are some steps necessary to read out the complete data, but here is the list of how to do that: 


  • Download MakeRunways from (instructions are within the ZIP)
  • Copy the ZIP to your FSX home directory, extract and run (admin mode) according to Pete's instructions
  • After a successful run, you will receive several new files in your FSX directory, one of these you will need for further operations
  • Please locate and copy runways.xml (generated by MakeRunways) from FSX home to the FSXPilot home directory
  • Start FSXPilot
  • Type "update airac" into the text command box and press return
  • Please wait approximately 15 min until you receive a succeed message
  • Close FSXPilot
  • In the AIRAC directory, you will find two new files: apt2.txt and rwy2.txt
  • Please backup the old apt.txt and rwy.txt and rename apt2.txt to apt.txt and rwy2.txt to rwy.txt
  • Start FSX and FSXPilot

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