Sometimes you will want to fly a route from a known departure to a destination with waypoints in between that you have generated by using an online flight planner. 

For this purpose we have implemented a flight plan creation tool. 

Let us assume you want to fly from EDDM to KJFK with a jet. 


  • Please go -> Flightplan menu
  • Select 'Create flightplan' from the menu.
  • The following dialog box will open: 

  • Fill in the ICAO code of your departure and destination airport. 
  • Only then: Select a SID and a STAR if necessary
  • fill in desired cruising altitude (feet) and speed (knt)
  • Copy and paste the waypoints into the waypoint input field, use blanks as separators
  • select fixed wing aircraft
  • untick "create reverse flight plan"
  • press OK. 


A new flight plan EDDM_KJFK will be created in the "flightplan" directory of FSXPilot home directory. 

You may want to open and edit it in the text editor before running.

Have a nice trip. 

Waypoints were created by using the Flightsim Aviation Zone online flightplanner

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