In FSX and P3D, a flight plan is just a selection of way points together with information on cruising speed and altitude. FSX flight plans can be created by using the FSX flight planner with auto routing. 

FSXPilot flight plans use a completely different approach. 

They are usually hand-edited to produce a flight experience with control of every bit of a flight simulation session from the takeoff until complete auto landing. 

FSX flight plans can be imported as a FSXPilot flight plan by simple mouse clicks. 

In addition, FSXPilot offers it's own basic flight plan creator. 

FSXPilot flight plans can handle the operation of 

  • loading payload and fuel
  • flaps
  • gear
  • lights
  • takeoff
  • flying a SID
  • cruising waypoints at different altitude or speeds
  • following GPS coordinates
  • flying holdings
  • flying a STAR
  • flying touch and go's 
  • ILS or GPS auto land
  • water landings
  • or (in helicopters) precision auto landing. 

FSXPilot flight plans are simple text files (*.txt) that can be edited by conventional text editors. Their home is the "Flightplan" directory in the FSXPilot home directory. 

Example of a short flight plan (// is a comment): 

// -----------------------------------------------------------

// Flightplan for FSX / P3D

// for use with FSXPilot


// FSXPilot (c) 2005-2016 by Scientific Networks Munich 

// -----------------------------------------------------------

// flight from Munich to Frankfurt in a Learjet 45



set speedunits knots

set distanceunits miles

set apcontrol plane

set userinput on

autorudder on

set dep EDDM

set dest EDDF

// takeoff with operation of lights, flaps, gear

run takeoff

set alt 15000.0

// sets a value for initial speed

set speed 250.0

// sets a value for initial climb rate 

set climb 1500.0

// flying a SID

fly sid GIVM5S RW26L

farselect EDDF

wait distin 150.

set alt 8000.

set climb -1500.

set speed 220.

// flying a STAR

fly star PSA25S RW25L PSA

// GPS landing with approach, setting flaps, lowering gear, flare, reverse thrust and brakes  

fly short autolanding EDDF 25L


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