Each plane is different. 

YOU expect FSXPilot to fly them all - from an ultralight to a B747 or a helicopter. 

Consequently, FSXPilot needs to know some details about each plane for it's own fine tuning.  

We have put all those data into an aircraft database. FSXPilot comes with all standard FSX and P3D plane and helicopter data. But what happens, if you want to add a 3rd party aircraft ? 

Previously, this process has been quite complicated. Now it is easy. If FSXPilot does not know the plane you actually fly, it will display a warning message.  In this case, please pause the simulation and just open the aircraft option dialog window (AP main menu, -> File).

Here you can enter all data that FSXPilot needs. 

In the end, please press "OK". FSXPilot will add a new record to the aircraft database. The decisive identifier here is the model string (in the case below it is the "dh8"). If you ever call up this or a similar plane with the same model string again FSXPilot will know the aircraft. 

TIP: If you do not want to fiddle around with the parameters too much please just press the "Copy values from" button below. Select a similar aircraft from the list. Immediately, all parameters of this similar aircraft will be entered in the dialog box. 

The aircraft database is stored in the file "aircraft.ini" in FSXPilot home directory. Please backup this file regularly. 

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