FSX offers simobjects such as planes and helicopters and has a multiuser interface where maybe other pilots can join th session. 

FSXPilot has the ability to display the location of foreign aircraft on the EFIS. 

What would be less fun than chasing one of those aircraft around ? Exactly. 


  • Takeoff. 
  • Fly your recon flight.
  • Saw an aircraft that you want to follow ? 
  • EFIS map: Just click on the aircraft until you see the yellow circle
  • press the NAV button


Aircraft is selected as target.

In the NAV target display of the AP main window you will find the flight number, heading and distance to the target plane. 

On the EFIS, you see flight number and aircraft type as well as current heading (left), altitude (middle) and speed (right)

The altitude setting  of FSXPilot will be continuously synchronized with the target plane. If the target climbs, your plane climbs too and vice versa. 

Carefully modify the speed setting in FSXPilot so that you will eventually come very close to the aircraft. 

Formation flying is not (yet) possible ! 

(image shows old version of EFIS panel) 

Fig. 1 Example:  Chasing a C208 (flight # N7938A, 6.8 nm away, speed 144 knt, at 14495 ft) with a Learjet 45

Fig. 2  Example:  Chasing a MD-83 (flight # 4X-DXA, 4.1 nm away, speed 313 knt, at 25000 ft) with a Learjet 45

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