Intersections are defined by two NAV targets. The line at which two given bearings to or from the NAV targets (NDB or VOR) intersect are called intersections.

Nowadays, all important intersections are named and contained in the AIRAC as waypoint files.  

Without naming, a pilot would either tune the two NAV targets into NAV1 and NAV2 and perform a rather complicated intersection procedure. With names, he would use the inbuild cockpit GPS to find the named intersection. 

With FSXPilot, method 1 is not possible, but method 2 is easy. 


  • type "select <intersection name>" into the command input box and press the return key 
  • or
  • select the intersection name from the "Near intersections"quickselect menu
  • then 
  • press the NAV button


The aircraft will turn towards the named intersection. When reaching the target, the aircraft will circle around the target until other action is taken. 


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