An easy way to directly fly to targets is simply clicking the targets on the EFIS. 

ClickTargets can be VOR, NDB, Fixes, airports and runways. 

Left-click to any target to directly 'select' the target. The target will be circled in yellow. 

The target name, heading and distance will be shown on the AP panel. 

ETE and ETA will be shown on the EFIS. 

Pressing the 'NAV' button on the EFIS will turn the aircraft directly into the correct heading to target. 

Right-click to any follow up target. Follow up targets are numbered and circled green on the EFIS. 

Right click on an empty EFIS space to remove the last follow up target. 

All ClickTargets will be connected by an orange line. 

(image shows old version of EFIS panel) 

In 'NAV' mode, FSXPilot will always fly from the first, second, third ... to the last click-selected target.

From here, FSXPilot will switch to 'Heading' mode and stay on the current heading. 

Up to five EFIS ClickTargets can be defined with FSXPilot Shareware. 

In PRO, the number of ClickTargets on the EFIS is unlimited.

Press CTRL key and left-click to hide/show the white fixes.

Press SHIFT key and left click to show/hide the airports.  


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