First of all: Sorry for any inconvenience !

FSXPilot has to exist in a difficult environment: 

This poor program is all alone against multiple versions of windows, either 32 bit or 64 bit, and heavily communicating with FSX (4 versions: retail, SP1, SP2 or SP2 Acc pack)  and/or Prepar3d (2 versions).

Please do the following:

  • Please read the FAQ 
  • Deinstall all FSXPilot and delete the complete FSXPilot directory 
  • Update your FSX at least to FSX Servicepack 1
  • Update your graphic card drivers 
  • Make sure you use FSXPilot with FSX in windowed mode. 
  • Please enable unpause FSX on task switch. 
  • Please always start FSXPilot in administrator mode. 
  • Download the FSXPilot installer, install and test. 
  • Download the latest FSXPilot update.
  • If you run into "missing DLL" error messages please download and install the Visual C++ 2008, 2010 and 2015 redistributable package. 
  • If you run FSX Steam, please refer to article 2.4 to choose the right Simconnect version for FSXPilot
  • If you experience a "black EFIS screen" after switching FSXPilot on and FSX started,  FSXPilot is probably not connected with FSX properly. 
    Please refer to article 2.4 to choose the right Simconnect version for FSXPilot
  • Please disable any addons that you have installed for a test and try again. 
  • If you contact us per email, please include information of your computer system (windows version, 32 or 64 bit), FSX version and exact description of your problem (which area did it happen, airport, runway, aircraft used etc). 
  • Please include, if possible, the session_dbg.txt file from FSXPilot home directory after a FSXPilot session in which the error occurred.

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