In some cases ILS auto landing with FSXPilot does not seem to work.

We were recently notified, that f.e. in BGSF RW 10 the FSXPilot ILS auto landing approach results in a crash if flight is not taken over manually. ILS auto landings with FSXPilot have been tested during several thousands of approaches and normally the procedure is failsafe in almost any aircraft with ILS capabilities. However, there are some prerequisites: Auto landings can only succeed if in the standard BGL file of the airport the ILS glidepath is implemented, which was not the case at Runway 10 in BGSF. FSXPilot will search forever to find the glideslope.

Roberto S. from Switzerland found a great solution:

He used AFX to edit the ILS parameters of that specific runway - and add the missing glidepath.

Airport Facilitator X is commercially available. 

His two screenshots show nicely what he does: 

Enable "Has glide path", please, and save. Copy the resulting BGL file into the "Addon Scenery" -> "Scenery" folder and restart FSX. 

After the modification, FSXPilot should ILS auto land ok. 

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