Make sure you have the XPLPilot plugin installed

Start X-PLANE and select a plane and situation. 

Within X-PLANE, select FSXPilot->panel from the Plugins menu

The panel window will open: 

First time use only: 

  • Set flightsim client IP and port (leave default values if possible)
  • Press "Find FSXPilot" button and locate fsxpilot.exe on your harddrive

Every use: 

  • Press "Start FSXPilot" to start and connect FSXPilot for the use with X-PLANE 10 or 11

X-PLANE has a wheel steering model on ground that takes much getting used to and is hypersensitive. 

That is why we implemented the possibility to switch taxi control on/off in the plugin. 

Adjust that setting according to your taste. 


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