Using FSXPilot for automatic flying is fun. 

However, we were looking for way to make FSXPilot keep running and keep kind of informed, but give you as the pilot manual control of the aircraft.

That's why we invented the MAN button ! 


  • press the MAN button


FSXPilot aircraft rudder and throttle control will be immediately disabled. 

You will hear an autopilot off audio sign. 

It is the responsibility of the pilot to take over manual control of the aircraft with the flight yoke, mouse yoke or joystick. 

The pilot should also operate the throttle and  control the speed of the aircraft. 

BUT: FSXPilot will continue to follow a flight plan or a tracking procedure if you select one. The pilot has to manually fly the flight plan or tracking procedure. 


If "copilot comments during manual flight" are enabled in the "General Options" dialog window, Anna will comment on your performance from time to time. 

During tracking operations (holding, auto land, takeoff) gear, flaps, lights, brakes and reverse thrust will still be operated by FSXPilot.

If you want to return aircraft control to FSXPilot, simply unpress the MAN button. 



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