run target [tgt] vectorland

Precision helicopter automatic landing program. 

To be used with helicopters only. 


The autopilot will compute the descend rate to a given GPS target. The GPS target has been known to FSXPilot and has to be defined previously by using the "Save position as GPS target" menu entry in the quickselect menu. 

It further assumes, that the target has been selected before runnning the target vectorland command. It will set speed and sink rate to exactly hit the target within meters. 

Finally: flare and hover, land. 

It is useful to place a "wait groundcontact" command behind the "run target vetorland" command. Then, after groundcontact, the next flight plan command is processed.  

Example flight plan fragment: 

set speed 100.



wait distin 2.

set speed 60.

run target vectorland

wait groundcontact

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