FSXPilot next release and downsizing

This is a short but important message that the ASAP beta version will be converted to a simplified FSXPilot version 3.0 during the next few days. This version will be free to download but will have no longer official support.  

There will be no new functions available. Session login, landing reports, takeoff reports, and automatic updates needed to be removed from the next program version in order to decrease server load. The FSXPilot stat page has been taken offline.  

The Discord channel will remain open for the next months, but will not be moderated in any way. User login to the pages you see here is no longer possible. 

The reason for the downsize is simple: The recent flight simulators have grown up and come with excellent inbuild navigation aids as well as their own and very capable autopilots. Implementing new functionality into FSXPilot just does not seem to be warranted any longer.

So please stay tuned for the next version, which will be a mandatory update and thanks for your patience and support.  


Youtube videos II 

Due to request (thanks to Roberto)  comments the youtube videos were restored until further notice. 

Please use the online documentation, which can be found here: http://www.fsxpilot.com/manual/FSXPilotManual.html