Usually, in a flightplan with the latest versions of FSXPilot it should be enough to

set destination EDDF
run takeoff
waypoint 4800. 250. DM063

If I have a special takeoff problem you may want to use a more detailed procedure (see comments) such as

set speedunits knots
set distanceunits miles
set apcontrol plane
// in order to be able to modify alt and speed during the flight, set userinput on
set userinput on
// set target altitude
set alt 4000.0
// set initial climb whatever you want here
set climb 900.
landinglights on
navlights on
flaps 1
// set initial speed. For a propeller aircraft you may want to put lower speeds here. run speed 200. maintain speed // set heading to current heading - assuming you are correctly aligned to runway heading head ch // ac is moving now. Let it accelerate until 120 knots (use lower speeds, say 70 knots, for a cessna !) first. Important to wait for this here because otherwise // the apv will try a long time to takeoff with improper speed and thus, in the end, // produce a very steep takeoff wait speedmore 120. // then start running the vertical autopilot, elevator will go up run apv // wait climbing a certain altitude wait altclimb 1686.2 gear up flaps 0 landinglights off ....