Some 3rd party addon aircraft have problems during automated takeoff from the quickselect menu. 

This is a small flightplan for takeoffs which you can modify according the requirements of your special plane. 

Copy this flightplan and save it into FSXPilot's flightplan directory. Position your aircraft on a runway, perfectly aligned. Open FSXPilot. Load and run the flightplan. This flightplan is made for a heavy jet, a Boeing 777. See comments in the plan for possible adjustments. 

// Flightplan for FSXPilot > V 1.33 
// for use with FSXPilot universal autopilot
// small flightplan routine for takeoff
// have fun
set apcontrol plane
autorudder on
set speedunits knots
set distanceunits miles
// target altitude set alt 10000
// initial climb set climb 1000 wait 2.
// set flaps flaps 2
wait 2.
// set elevator trim to a value between -100 and +100
set elevatortrim 50
wait 2.
landinglights on strobelights on navlights on
//enter the target takeoff speed in knots below run speed 250. maintain speed
// current heading head ch
//enter the speed, at which FSXPilot should start rotating wait speedmore 200.
// rotate ... run apv
// enter the altitude at which gear should be retracted wait altclimb 2000. gear up flaps 0
// do not forget
set elevatortrim 0 end

Have fun.