Hi XXX, 

No. I have no explanation for that. 

I see pilots flying all the time on the FSXPilot stat page



I am flying myself once a week or so. No problems. 

And nothing really has changed with the last update, even your last request was before publication of that.

It is something that has to do with 

(a) forgetting something to do / to copy on your side

(b) your system/firewall has changed / is blocking

(c) lack of logical testing and give me clues what to advice. 


So again, the usual q/a series to one of XXX emails. 

(1) Your FSXPilot freezes upon load. Right ?

(2) are you using it with FSX, FSX SE or X-Plane ? 

(3) Have you tested it using FSX or FSX SE ? 

(4) Do you see an FSXPilot on the desktop? If not, create one pointing to fsxpilot.exe in FSXPilot home directory.

(5) start FSX (NOT XPLANE)

(6) Right-click on the icon and select "Run as administrator"

(7) Does FSXPilot start or freeze ? 


How are we here after all this scientific testing ? 

Ok. It works.  There is no reason why it shouldn't. 

You see NAV icons on the EFIS screen, FSXPilot is connected. 


So now - X-PLANE. I strongly hope it is X-PLANE 11, isn't it ? 

(1) Double check you have copied the last version of the plugins to X-PLANE plugins directory. Something like D:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins 

(2) Start X-PLANE 11

(3) Load a situation and a plane. 

(4) Start the FSXPilot panel WITHIN X-PLANE

(5) Press the "Find FSXPilot ..." button

(6) Locate in the fileselector box the file fsxpilot.exe in the RIGHT directory and press OK

(7) Press "Start FSXPilot" on the panel. 

(8) FSXPilot loads and shows NAV icons

(9) If not: Switch off your firewall AND ALL antivirus software for a test. 

(10) Fly

(11) if (9): maybe modify your firewall or antivirus software to allow FSXPilot to work  


Four last advices: 


Do not write short emails. Write long. Extensive. Minimum a quarter of a Din A4 page. 

Write emails which fully explain the problem and which give ALL ALL ALL necessary details. 

- YOUR SYSTEM ? Even if we have been in contact months / years ago: Why should I remember your system ? Please a system report every time. There are programs that print you a system report. 


- C++ libraries installed ? 



- ALWAYS include a session_dbg.txt - is in the FSXPilot home directory after every start tried



Read the (you can add here what you like) manual and support articles  that may be relevant.  


Make notes of things, XXX. What did I do when this last happened ? What did I change on my system ? 


Respond timely. A potential will only be solved if both parties stay on track.  


This E-Mail will be published under support. I will delete your name. 

Best regards