Over the last years, we have implemented unique features: 

  • easy control of heading, airspeed, altitude and vertical speed
  • works exceptionally good in helicopters
  • tested with military fighter jets
  • GPS controlled helicopter hover function, tested on moon, mars (Orbiter spacecraft)  and earth (FSX and P3D version 1 and 2)   
  • more stable than any other autopilot in higher time accelerations
  • autotakeoff
  • ILS autoland
  • GPS autoland on any airport worldwide
  • selection of runways from quickmenu or autoselection of runways according to wind
  • GPS autoland on almost all FSX airports
  • fly holdings
  • supports all standard FSX any most standard P3D aircraft
  • ability to add your own planes to the aircraft library
  • ability to record ground taxi procedures
  • "fly by menu" allows the beginner and the pro to fly almost every aircraft by the click a mouse 
  • low level (ground profile) flight control
  • aerobatics
  • google earth support
  • ability to execute detailed flightplans which can be written with auto-takeoff, operation of gear, flaps, lights, waypoint navigation, flight level control and  autolanding at your destination
  • display of miles and time to destination (ETA) and miles from departure airport
  • one-click memory function for the departure airport and return to home function
  • one-click navigation to airports within 100 nm and and near airports
  • one click navigation to NAV targets (NDB,VOR,GPS)
  • display of current traffic on the EFIS, ability to automatically lock a plane and follow the target
  • emergency procedure (stabilizer) 
  • taking screenshots by button click
  • fly upsidedown (inverted) AND navigate by mouseclick
  • inflight entertainment (mp3) 
  • take screenshots and get google earth kml files of their location
  • automatically create thumbnails from screenshots
  • select and use SID and STAR
  • select SID's according to their departure direction
  • select STAR's according to their distance of their first waypoint to current aircraft position
  • user defined GPS waypoints
  • select near user defined GPS waypoints from quickselect menu 
  • select airports and NAV targets as well as planes and helicopters from quickselect menu
  • select nearest airport for emergency
  • select near runways and near airports (50 nm range)
  • run automated takeoffs in helicopters and fixed wing aircraft 
  • helicopter autoland


FSXPilot online manual

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