First of all: Sorry for any inconvenience !

FSXPilot has to exist in a difficult environment: 

This poor program is all alone against multiple versions of windows, either 32 bit or 64 bit, and heavily communicating with FSX (4 versions: retail, SP1, SP2 or SP2 Acc pack)  and/or Prepar3d (2 versions).

Please do the following:

Please read the FAQ 

Deinstall all FSXPilot and delete the complete FSXPilot directory 

Update your FSX at least to FSX Servicepack 1 !

Make sure you use FSXPilot with FSX in windowed mode

Please enable unpause FSX on task switch. 

Please always start FSXPilot in administrator mode

If you have not done so already, please download and install the Visual C++ 2015 redistributable package. Install both versions (32 and 64 bit) !

Download the FSXPilot installer, install and test. 

If you are using FSX Steam edition, please copy the file simconnect.dll from the folder "FSXPilot\Simconnect alternate versions\XPack - latest" into your FSXPilot home directory and overwrite the DLL there.  

Update your graphic card drivers 

Please disable any addons that you have installed in FSX and try again.

Make sure you have watched the basic Youtube FSXPilot video lessons


Common errors

Symptom: After starting FSXPilot, you get a "Side by Side" error message

What to do: Please install  -> FSX Servicepack 1 !

From Version 1.50: Please install ->  Mirosoft .NET 4 framework

From Version 1.50: Please activate speech recognition on your computer 

Symptom: After starting FSXPilot, you get a "Missing DLL" error message

Solution: Most probably due to -> Visual C++ 2015 redistributable not installed. Please install them. 


Symptom: I cannot start FSXPilot at all. I get a security warning message. I cannot start the installer too. 

Solution: Windows tracks the sources of all programs that come to your computer. It stores the original source together with program parameters. If you try to run the program later and your security settings are high you may not be able to run the program.

Please open the Windows Explorer. Navigate to the file that won't start. Right click and select "Properties". You will see something like this: 




If you know the program comes from a trusted source, "unblock" the program on the screen above after reading the Security message. 



For solving more detailed problems, we have implemented a debugging log file (session_dbg.txt). The file is created each time FSXPilot runs in FSXPilot home directory. 

If nothing helps, please write down the exact problem together with your system specification  and send this as an E-Mail via Contact. Please attach, if possible,  a session_dbg.txt file .

We will answer as soon as we have time.

Thanks !