Please visit Navigraph, go to their download page, and purchase the PSS version of their latest AIRAC. This works great in FSXPilot.

This is what has to be done:

(1)  purchase and download latest PSS AIRAC cycle from

(2)  extract the PSS AIRAC files to a temporary location (i.e. desktop)

(3)  the extracted files now need to be changed to a format that is recognized in FSXPilot. For example, "Pssrwy.dat" has to be changed "rwy.txt", basically removing the “pss” at the beginning and changing the file format to “txt”.

Do this with all dat files.

(4)  go to FSXPilot main folder and copy the AIRAC folder to a backup location (just in case anything goes wrong)

(5)  place all the new files into FSXPilot AIRAC folder (overwriting any old ones)

Please make backups and please keep in mind that you actual scenery and navaid data may not reflect all changes in the latest AIRAC. New airports and nav aids must be added to FSX by using appropriate bgl updates. 



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